Materiaprima Italian Mixed 5 kg olives


 There is a mix of 5 olives that vary in flavour, size and colour. 

  1. Gaeta: A plump purple fleshy pleasant olive with very little bitterness.
  2. Cerignola large green olives with pointy ends. These are fruity and low on salt. 
  3. Leccino: are a medium sized olive light tan to dark brown and often mottled in appearance. They have a firm crunch with quite meaty flesh that clings securely to the seed. They have a salty appeal and a nicely bitter aftertaste
  4. Nocellara del Belice are a medium sized rounded green olive from Sicily.             
     They are crunchy and lightly salty with a quite a fruity aftertaste and just a      
     touch of olive bitterness. 

       5. Nocellara Etna are a medium sized green grey coloured olive originating in Sicily. This is a popular table and oil olive due to it’s highly fruity natural taste.  


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