About Us

Lario International offers its customers the highest quality artisan foods from Europe while bringing only unique products to our Australian shores.

Opening its doors in 2002 in Sydney importing food primarily from Italy, Lario is now a leading importer catering to many of Australia’s finest restaurants and selected retailers.

Constantly travelling to Europe to source the most sought after and finest foods on the market, Lario knows the market and their suppliers well.

Many of their suppliers are family run businesses still using traditional methods of production to create outstanding products.

Lario is located in Waterloo, an up and coming hub of foodies.

If you would like to see our range of products please contact us to make an appointment.

Gianmarco Balestrini
Managing Director, Lario International

Marco Balestrini was born in Italy in 1968. He comes from a long line of merchants. Marco’s great grandfather was a successful greengrocer in Lake Como and his father still runs the business started almost 150 years ago.

Food was always a predominant part of the day growing up in this Italian household.

Lario family in Italy

He did however leave his passion for food for more than 10 years to study Biology at Universita Statale di Milano and made his way to Australia to complete his Master’s degree in Marine Science at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

It was from here that his love of Australia and fine foods saw him return to Sydney to live and to open Lario International.