Bonomo e Giglio Caperberries/ Cucunci in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Caperberries in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


The Caperberry is the fruit of the caper plant. This surprising fruit is not quite as punget as the caper (bud) and is quite versatile. 

The Island of Pantelleria off the coast of Sicily is the place where these exceptional fruits are grown. Both the capers and the fruits have a unique taste due to the volcanic soil and ideal weather conditions. They have been granted IGP ( Protected Geographical Indication) identifies a product originating from a specific region. the name or style cannot be copied or used). 

Although capers are a plant that can grow almost anywhere, for production purposes they are planted in neat rows, on the slopes and around the rocky island. The plants are a low growing bush that spread and are a back breaking crop to tend. Picking of the capers occurs between May and September controlling the buds turning into flowers. Some are left to flower and only then will the fruit start to grow. Caperberries have not always been popular and in other times the sight of a farmers crop flowering would prompt talk of laziness and careless farming. There is a very limited number of berries grown and packed each crop as the capers are so prized around the world, farmers choose to limit the fruit, in preference to growing capers.

The capers and the fruits are packed in salt for up to 25 days allowing lactic fermentation to occur in the barrels . They are monitored and adjusted  to control the process. After this they are packed. Caperberries can be packed in vinegar or salt but ours are packedin Extra Virgin olive oil. This lessens the salt content and gives them a wonderful antipasta appeal. The olive oil does not taste salty , it tastes of Caperberry fruit and is as fantastic to use as the fruit itself.  These caperberries have no stalk and are an elongated shape with a very firm fruity body.

The dirty martini famously uses a caperberry as a feature. 

Caperberries go with fennel, potatoes, olives, tomatoes, lemons, salad leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, motzarella, parmesan, goat cheeses,salmon, fish, beef.

Try a capaccio of Wagyu with caperberries, rocket and parmesan vinegarette

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