Cavedoni Saba (Vincotto made with Quince) 250ml


Saba is also known as Vincotto & Mosto cotto but they are the same, a condiment made from reduced grape “must”.  This must is quite basically “young wine” or juice. The fruit, seeds, skins and stalks are all crushed together, in just the same way as wine begins it’s production. The must itself is a thick and deeply coloured juice full of particles, even when strained. The sugar content is very high, up to about 15%, making it ideal for cooking into a syrup. The “young wine” juice is slowly reduced into a thick dark sticky, tangy syrup. Reduced as it is and unfermented it is Condimento Saba (This sweet base is also reduced further and fermented in Oak barrels resulting in Tradizionale Balsamic Vinegar or a little Saba added to Trebbiano wine vinegar and fermented to produce Balsamic Vinegar of Modena)      Saba is not a vinegar, although by adding a little vinegar it can become “Vincotto Vinegar”. Some producers do this and this is maybe where confusion is caused. Other artisans include other fruits to the “must” when cooking, such as lemons, oranges or raspberries, the Cavedoni’s add Quince.  This gives the Saba they produce a unique fruity intense flavour with notes of caramel, plums and intense raisins that vie for attention with a unique quincy touch of acidity. 

Use Saba with cheeses- parmesan and goat or fresh or baked ricotta. Add to poached or baked fruits, ice cream, panacotta, cocktails, figs and prosciutto, sauces or dressings.


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