Zibibbo Grape Syrup 340ml


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Gelatina di Uva Zibibbo.  This delicious syrup is made from the reduction of grape juice from Zibibbo Muscat grapes grown on the Italian Island of Pantelleria, west of Sicily. Zibibbo grapes are also known as Muscat of Alexandria and are one of the oldest known grape varietals in the world originating in North Africa.

It’s often mistaken for honey due to it’s thick consistency and bittersweet flavour. This is achieved by reducing the filtered grape juice (must) then adding sugar and cooking it slowly in small 30 litre batches till it reduces into this clear amber syrup. It has long been a staple ingredient on Pantelleria, used in baking and as a sweetener in place of honey for many recipes. It’s perfect with cheese particularly blue and sharp cheeses or for fresh cheeses like ricotta and mascarpone. Use it instead of honey for an interesting flavour. Add it to yoghurt, or with pannacotta or fruit. Try a gorgonzola tart roasted walnuts and a drizzle of Gelatina di Uva Zibibbo.

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