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This gorgeous gift pack contains an organic olive oil from Umbria and an Organic balsamic from Modena. The Luigi Tega name has been synonymous with olive oil production dating back to the 16th century. Olives here are all organically grown and then cold-pressed within 24 hours of picking.This oil is a medium fruity oil is skilfully blended to include fruit and aromatic notes from freshly cut grass, oregano, fennel and light peppery rocket to more fruity notes of apple and pleasant flowery hints. This is a classic unfiltered Umbrian oil. It’s gold to pale green in colour, with a bitter almond and a lightly peppery finish. 500ml

Accredited DOP and Certified Organic 

Tondo Organic Balsamic Vinegar is characteristically dark and has intense caramel, fruit scents with overriding acidity.

It is produced from traditionally reduced must of organic Trebbiano grapes.
The must has organic wine vinegar added and it is then matured in Oak.  

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