Mercato Del Grano Semidried Cilegino Tomatoes in oil 200 gm


Ciliegino Tomatoes are a protected variety grown in southern Italy. They grow in heavy clusters on vines hung from trellises. They’re known for their deep red colour and sweetness. If not made into passata they are often dried making the most tender sweet examples of what a good cherry tomato should be. Ours have been semi dried in the sun in crates. Semi drying tomatoes keeps the softness of the flesh. They are never tough and hard to chew. Tasting fresh and sweet as opposed to the excessive tomato paste flavour of overdried plum tomatoes. Try these and your tastebuds will be changed forever

Serve them:

  • With cheese or meats
  • in Sandwiches
  • On Bruschetta with goat cheese or taleggio
  • Cook them into pasta, eggs or bread 

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Mercato Del Grano