Barbuscia Artichokes Crudo 1.5 kg in oil


Barbuscia Sicilian Artichokes. Yes, I know they seem expensive don’t they?. But trust us, once you try them you won’t care. These Artichokes need to be handled by real people in order to produce something of this quality. The outer leaves are stripped off, leaving a little fringe of firm leaves surrounding the choke. These are incredibly, addictively toothsome. Like you have never experienced. Once prepared they are lightly blanched and then put into jars with a blended olive oil a touch of vinegar and salt to season. They aren’t a light colour they are naturally oxidized just like they would be if you made them yourself. They aren’t boiled till soft and squashy and they haven’t been lightened and brightened by “chemical” means.

 You won’t find better unless you make them yourself and even then…..

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