Memete Prevostini, Vatellina Superior Riserva 2018



Mamete Prevostini inherited this winery from his grandfather, and spent several years experimenting with winemaking techniques before he was satisfied with the result. Wines were not commercially released from this estate until 1995, despite a history of winemaking dating back 70 years He has gradually been growing the reputation not only of his own wines, but of the Valtellina region in general 
“”Valtellina Superiore is a red wine (theoretically the finest) produced in Lombardy’s alpine Valtellina district. It is one of twoValtellina wine styles – the other being the Amarone-style Sforzato di Valtellina – considered worthy of full DOCG status, the highest level of Italian classification. For full information about the Valtellina wine region itself, see Valltelina
The classic Valtellina Superiore wine is deep crimson in color, and has a rich bouquet of dried cherries, pencil shavings, tar and roses – the tell-tale sign of a wine made from Nedbbiolo. As might be expected for a mountain-grown wine made from Nebbiolo, it is light-bodied and laced with grippy tannins. Although generally weightier and more concentrated than standard Rosso di Valtellina wines, they are almost always lighter in both body and power than the most famous of all Nebbiolo-based wines, Barolo and Barbaresco (©Wine-Searcher). After a few years of cellaring, the tannic astringency will soften, and gamey, leathery aromas will develop, making the wine much more approachable and complex than in its youth. The wine’s brilliant crimson hue will fade to a rich garnet trimmed with a brick-orange rim (a visual characteristic common to almost all Nebbiolo wines as they age).- Wine

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