Materiaprima Mezzi Rigatoni 500g


Materiaprima Pasta is made especially for Lario.
It’s a quality handcrafted product made in Abruzzo by the same family since 1867. This family tradition means they are very passionate pasta makers. They use the best high protein quality flour and add water from the nearby national park. The gluten content of the dough ensures the pasta will stretch without tearing when run through the cutters. Dried over 36-48 hours at low temperatures ensures the pasta has a rough surface for the sauce to cling on and a perfect texture.
Once you try a proper artisanal pasta, there is no turning back!
Mezze Rigatoni are a smaller version of the Rigatoni, a short tube shaped pasta with ridges on the surface ideal to hold thicker & chunky sauces.

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