Materiaprima Mushrooms Mixed in dressing oil 1.6 kg


Here’s a great idea. Preserved prescious mushrooms that you can use for pasta, risotto, sauces, antipasto and salads. They are cooked and preserved and have created quite a sensation. There are 5 varieties of Mushrooms in the mixed jar
1. Nameko . This is a mellow earthy mushroom with hints of cashew
2. Shitake. A wonderfully firm textured mushroom
3. Straw Mushrooms. These are grown on beds of straw and picked when they have just opened. 
4. Porcini mushrooms always add a bit of luxury. 
5. Chiodini or Nail mushrooms are a popular wild mushroom found in forests. A long time favourite in the countriside they are tiny mushrooms that look like little nails becaus of there size and the length of the stalk.


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