Le Tamerici Cherries in Balsamic Syrup, Amarena, 600 gm,


 Le Tamerici, is small family company in Mantova,  Lombardy. They rely on the seasons and the local produce to inspire them each season.  They produce impecably textural preserves from mustard fruits to marmelades and preserved vegetables. These Amarena cherries grown in the area around Mantova are an IGP product and so is the Balsamic used to make the syrup. The fruits still have a bit of the  textural crunch and the lovely sour nature that distinguishes them from other cherries. They are a deep black red and are cooked in  a syrup that balances sweet and sour so beautifully they can be used as a dessert with semi freddo or pannacotta or eaten with cheeses such as Triple creams and fresh goat. A really amazing product   

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