Giovanni Fabbri Tortiglione 500gm


A short tubular pasta , prepared with top quality flour made from grain selected rich in gluten.  More than 100 years have passed since Giovanni Fabbri began producing pasta in a small village in the heart of the Chianti. It all started, in the way that things usually start, with an idea, a few available means and lots and lots of passion. After four generations, naturally much has changed, including many things in the Fabbri pasta factory……and yet that passion has remained intact!
The passion for a product “well made”, prepared with optimal quality semolina derived from selected grains and, therefore, rich in gluten. A product produced with bronze extrusion die stamps and, therefore, rendered rough and “amenable” to seasoning with sauces. Dried at low temperature and, therefore, not altered in its organoleptic qualities.

There is another thing that hasn’t changed: whoever goes to the Fabbri pasta factory today will find (as in the past) a Giovanni who, before doing anything else, will take the visitor to see the expanses of tagliatelle (long flat thin ribbons), penne (pasta pens) and spaghetti (pasta twines), which dry very slowly, without haste… just like they always have

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