Giovanni Fabbri Stracci Toscani 500gm


Stracci pasta is  a great alrounder. It is great for baked pasta dishes and ragus alike. The taste and texture of this wavy edged oasta makes a Pasta production began in the Fabbri Factory in Tuscany 10km south of Florence, over 100  years ago, since these humble beginnings ,the family  has maintained it’s attention to detail and quality.

The wheat used in it’s production is selected by the “Agricultural Consortium of Siena”, assuring that a constant standard is maintained each and every batch and each and every year.  The wheat is blended to enrich the final product and ensure high gluten content and rich ripe grains

The facility is still localted at it’s original place, using traditional methods based on todays technologically advanced  knowledge.  The semolina dough is processed on a press constructed in Pistoia in the 1960’s.  The machine kneads and draws-out the semolina without exceeding 38 degrees C. This temperature is never exceeded even in the drying room, where the pasta dries for 3-6 days. This is a contributing factor to the flavour and texture of the pasta. When a dough is worked at higher temperatures and dried quickly, it becomes hard and brittle and has little taste or texture remaining. This is what very large commercial producers do, and this is why the Fabbri pasta has so much taste and a wonderful texture. Test a commercial brand up against this pasta and you will notice the difference.  

 Bronze extrusion die stamps shape the pasta and produce a surface that is rough, encouraging seasonings and sauces to cling to the pasta with ease.




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