Capovilla Grappa di Brunello 500 ml


Many in Italy believe Capovilla Distillati to be the best producer of Grappa in the country. Capovilla works from Rosà, a little town near Bassano del Grappa in the Vicenza province. He has chosen to distil his Grappa using small stills that he has especially built for him by a German artisan. He has also chosen to use an artisanal distillation method for his products with slow bain-marie distillation, no added sugars or alcohol, using very ripe fruit grown in high hillside vineyards. After a few years in stainless steel vats, it is bottled. Each bottle leaving production is hand labelled with a production number and a wax seal in the colour of the fruit that it was distilled from.

Grappa di Brunello yields an intense flavour, with mineral and fruity tones. Soft and round to the palate, it will leave light notes of red berries, cocoa, carob and nuts in the mouth.

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