Il Convento Limoncello 1000ml


 Il Convento Limoncello

Did you know Limoncello is an Italian liqueur produced mainly in Southern Italy?. It has beome a popular Liqueur the world over but Limoncello produced in this region will always taste that much better.  Campania region, the gulf of Naples and around Sorrento are the traditional areas for Limoncello production as this is where you will find Sorrento lemons, the reason Limoncello exists. These now, IGP rated lemons are an oval shape with a bright yellow skin the flesh is extra juicy and acidic with a low number of seeds. Not only is the lemon prized for it’s fragrance and uses here in Campania, it is also part of the attraction to this area. The fragrance of lemon blossom and the beauty of the trees full of fruit growing on slopes about the blue ocean is part of many tourists memories. Most families in this region have a small grove of lemon trees. This is how Il Convento began too. Now generations on the organic lemons are still used to produce this “sorrento” family made limoncello.

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