La Nicchia Pantelleria Capers in Salt 1 kg


Bonomo e Giglio, Pantelleria Capers in Salt 1 kg 9 mm. Capers from the Island of Panteleria off the coast of Sicily are grown in rich volcanic soil. This gives them a distinctive flavour that is prized in the world of capers. Capers grow on a low lying ground creeping bush that are back breaking to harvest. The tiny buds of these bushes are picked before the flowers are allowed to form. The smaller the caper the crunchier and younger it is. The caper buds are pinched from the bushes between May and September caper and then continuously picked each time a new bud forms. If left the buds blossom into flowers and then grow a fruit known as the caperberry.  Capers are packed in sea salt for up to 25 days and go through a fermentation period where lactic acid is released , darkening their brilliant green colour and leaching off some of the bitterness

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