Materiaprima Polenta Taragna 1kg


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Polenta is made from corn, a traditional crop from the North, dried and stoneground. It is naturally gluten free. There are many varieties of corn, some heirloom ones have been milled into polenta for hundreds of years.
Polenta Taragna contains 30% of buckwheat (a gluten free grass seed) grown in the Valtellina, Bergamo and Brecia areas. The buckwheat adds a distinct nuttiness to the corn flavour. Taragna Polenta is often cooked using many regional cheeses like Fontina. Our Polenta is especially milled and packaged in the Lombardy region.

Serving suggestions:
*Cooked into a soft puree with butter and lots of cheese
*Grilled, fried (Polenta chips) or baked
*Used as a flour for bread, pizza bases or cakes

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