Le Tamerici Tomato Preserves, 220gm


Confettura extra di Pomodori Rossi 220gm . This is a very special cheese or salumi accompaniment. It has a brilliant red colour and an unexpected texture. There is a base of soft red ripe tomato interspersed with pieces of almost fresh peeled tomato. It is both savoury and sweet at the same time. It is brilliant with goat chevre and sharp cheddars. Great with smoky hams and poultry. A must tro try.

Le Tamerici was started in 1991 by Paola Calciolari , a pharmacist with a passion for cooking and an advocate for local produce. The business began with the cooking school and lead to her desire to showcase heirloom and local ingredients such as the Campanina orchard apple and white watermelon, by preserving them in traditional ways, but with a twist. Some of the fruits and vegetables that she champions were starting to be genetically fazed out, but she has supported local growers using them in interesting ways. Other local specialties such as the Amarena sour cherries and products like mustard fruits have particularly Northern Italian characters. 

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