La Nicchia Pantelleria Caper Leaves in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100g


La Nicchia has been established on the island of Pantelleria since 1949. The capers from the this tiny island off the coast of Sicily are grown on rich volcanic soil which gives them a distinctive flavour that is prized in the world of capers. Capers grow on a low lying ground creeping bush making their harvest a back breaking exercise. Lesser known though very popular in Italy, the caper leaves preserved in extra virgin olive oil have their own flavour and uses.

Deep dark green in colour and heart shaped, they look great and add a fleshy and balanced acidity to any salad, meat or fish. You can use them whole (deep fried in batter!) or shredded on cooked or raw vegetables.

Don’t forget to use the oil for dressings and as a finishing oil (on smoked salmon…delicious!)


La Nicchia