Cetarii Colatura di Alici Anchovy Water 250ml


Anchovy water or “ sauce” is made on the west southern coast of Italy where traditional production of Colatura is connected to the seasons and the harvests in Cetara. This vibrant water has been made since Roman times. The Anchovies are caught in May when they are large and fleshy and processed by hand. Heads and bones are removed and the fish brined for at least 12 hours. After brining, they are stacked head to tail layered with Trapani salt in Oak and Chestnut barrels. The casks are specially prepared with drainage holes and the fish weighted down to extract the juice. As the fish mature, the liquid begins to run off and is reserved. In October and November the liquid is poured back over the fermented fish and once again leaches through the barrels and is collected. This fluid is then strained through muslin to produce a golden clear sauce. It was once a Christmas tradition to give a vial of sauce to family and friends to flavour vegetables and pasta.
Serving suggestions:
*Add a teaspoon to olive oil, lemon zest, garlic and parsley to make a pasta sauce.
*Colatura di Alici can be added to sauces and dressings, carpaccio or seafood.
*Paint some onto the outside of roasted meats before baking for extra flavour.
*Add to butters and emulsion sauces. It adds a complex salty flavour.
*A few drops on sliced tomatoes with Burrata cheese
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