Cavedoni Botte Piccola Balsamic Vinegar 250ml


The Cavedoni family has been making vinegar since 1860, that’s around 5 generations.This IGP (Protected Geographic of Origin) product of Modena is the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. As per tradition, the juice of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes is reduced to a must which is aged in oak barrels till reduced to a dark sweet nectar. The must is then blended with a small amount of wine vinegar.  It is decanted for a minimum of 8 times to produce the bright aromatic brilliance you will want to use sparingly with cheeses, meats and desserts or as Cavedoni suggests as an after dinner digestive. The skill passed down from  generations of balsamic artisans results in this memorable balsamic. 
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