Calvi Olive Oil Extra Virgin 5 litre


This lovely fruity oil is made in the province of Linguria, Italy, near the rocky mountain slopes of the Italian Riveria. Giasseppi Calvi and Sons have been producing oil here for generations. It is a blend of the local olives including Taggiasca, a golden olive oil prized by Ligurians for it soft herbal nature. Taggiasca olive oil is expensive and isn’t as abundant as some other local oils, so for this 5 litre tin it has been blended.
The oil is blend is buttery and lightly fruity with hints of nut and very gentle herbal flavours.  It is flavoursome enough to be great as a finishing oil or for cooking. A great alsounder. This is a region where they eat a lot of seafood and a less peppery dominant poil is prefered .


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Olive oil 5L