2011 “Meja” Fiegl 375ml


2011 “Meja” Fiegl 375ml

This highly aromatic dessert-style wine is made using dried grapes from Traminer and Sauvignon vines. The result is a drink perfect for mixed cheeses, but also sweet enough to accompany any dessert.

This unusual dessert  style wine or Passito is a blend of Gwertztraminer and Sauvignon grapes.  The grapes are picked and left to dehydrate on trellises to intensify the natural sugars. This produces a delicious wine with a pleasant viscosity and citrus floral notes. Dried figs, citrus, vanilla and frangipane come to mind on the intreguing and complex bouquet . The colour is a golden to yellow with attractive translucent hues. The palette is first dominated by candied fruits, dried figs and an intense sweetness that is cut with heavy citrus notes (cumquat) that bring acidity , vanilla and fruit. The lingering citrus peel flavour is followed by a light fruity sweetness.   Azienda Agricola Fiegl, is located in the village of Oslavia, on the gentle slopes north of Gorizia in the Collio, This runs along the northern hill-chain of Gorizia’s province bordering Slovenia. These vineyards have been producing wines under the Fiegl name since 1782.  The maritime influence of the nearby Adriatic Sea, influences the soil .   More information (PDF)

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